I feel the presentiment into which a lot change in my surroundings at the end of current year.

I have been buying the commutation ticket up to now for six months of the Mobile Suica commutation ticket. The section of the commutation ticket is from a station in the private railway where the company exists to Akihabara. And, I did not feel the doubt in the continuance purchase of the commutation ticket last month. However, I will reimburse the commutation ticket today. It is because the period when the commutation ticket is new will start from tomorrow. And, I think that I newly buy PASMO only in the private railway part.
Because I do not think that I go to Akihabara many times on the week perhaps.
I went frequently when Akihabara was towns of electronic parts. Therefore, not going there so is very lonely for me. However, it is understood that the day when I also graduate there some time comes. I think it is surely so.